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Mike In Philly
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John Perry Barlow appreciation thread

#11777 3 years ago
Besides the lyrics that we know and love, the man does alot of work for internet freedom, and human freedom in general. His twitter feed is quite interesting, and he is right on the front lines of the Arab revolts. He gets less attention next to Hunter, but while Hunter dug deep into Americana, Barlow concentrated on characters who are down on their luck, which we can all relate to. Both writers complimented each other very well. I would like to see the Barlow songs below that are not played by Furthur make it in the rotation at some point if at all possible. If there is something missing from this list, please add it.

Songs for the Dead

A Little Light
Blown Away
We Can Run But We Can't HIde
Picasso Moon
I Will Take You Home
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
Hell in a Bucket
Throwing Stones
My Brother Essau
Feel Like A Stranger
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance
Easy to Love You
I Need a Miracle
Heaven Help the Fool
Estimated Prophet
Lazy Lightnin'
The Music Never Stopped
Finance Blues
Let It Grow (Weather Report II)
Black-Throated Wind
Walk in the Sunshine
Looks Like Rain
Mexicali Blues

Songs for the Undead

Gloria Monday
Fly Away
Me, Without You
Bombs Away
Salt Lake City
Shade of Gray
This Time Forever
Wrong Way Feelin'
the highway terror
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we gonna stay here til we soothe our souls

Re: John Perry Barlow appreciation thread

#11940 3 years ago
Barlow doesn't get the credit he deserves
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Re: John Perry Barlow appreciation thread

#11994 3 years ago
Excellent lyricist.
"Got any nails?"
"Got any flies?"
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